Track your migraines via text message.



Welcome to MigraineTracker.
MigraineTracker helps you record when you have migraine and notes about it.
Simply text MigraineTracker the notes whenever you have a migraine, and MigraineTracker will record them for you.

Get Started

It's easy. Just text 'hi' to +1.205.851.7767


Hi, I'm Ryan, and I get migraines.

I needed a simple way to track whenever I got a migraine. I tried using a text note for a while, but I needed something easier.

MigraineTracker is that easier something.

Just text MigraineTracker when you have a migraine, and it will track the date and any notes you include.

What's the cost?

For now, MigraineTracker is free to use (though you do have to pay your carrier for SMS charges).

In the future, MigraineTracker will likely require a small monthly payment to cover hosting and SMS charges.